It Was All A Dream…

MC Veggie Fresh has been on my mind for the last 5 years. In 2014 I found myself writing a nutrition rap cover to a popular rap song by ASAP Rocky.  

I mean what else would a young Dietitian living in Harlem do during her free time? I loaded it on YouTube really just so I could share it with my friends and laugh at myself. The video didn’t blow up and I didn’t become an instant internet sensation (no surprise there), but it did inspire me. A few days later, I jokingly called myself MC Veggie Fresh. I remember I was standing on the corner of 112th and 8th Avenue.

It’s funny how you can’t remember to grab the lunch you packed for yourself before you leave for work, but you can remember your exact location when you have a big idea! That day, I dreamed up the idea of bringing MC Veggie Fresh to life to help make nutrition fun and relatable. It took a couple years, but she’s here - and she’s rocking the mic!